Named Rangefinder’s ‘Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2017’

rangefinder rising stars 2017
rising stars of wedding photography 2017

It’s a real honour and privilege to announce that America’s Rangefinder Magazine have named me one of the “30 Risings Stars of Wedding Photography 2017”.

When I began this path back in 2013, I could never of dreamt of the places it would take me, the things I’d witness and the amazing souls I would be fortunate enough to connect with – all of which have had a huge impact on me, both professionally and personally.

From the beginning, there was never a goal or expectation to win awards for photography, I was just inspired to be following a passion and documenting life the way I saw it. I still am.

To Rangefinder, thank you for deeming what I create worthy of this incredible accolade. Knowing the amazing artists who have been listed in previous years and the ones I sit alongside today is very humbling. To have my work recognised on an international level like this is really something special.

To every couple that I’ve collaborated with, thank you for your kindness, your patience and your trust. You’ve taught me so much about love, commitment and meaningful relationships. You’ve enriched my life beyond measure and I’m forever grateful for this.

To Polly, thank you. You made it possible to pursue this all, both financially and emotionally. When I had doubts it would ever work, you never did. Your support and faith has allowed this to evolve into what it is and whatever it’s becoming.

And finally, thanks to my family and friends. You can always rely on the people closest to you to keep you grounded and put things into perspective. When I broke the news to my family, after the initial “congratulations”, my parents turned and said; “Remember, you’re only a rising star, not a star.”

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rising stars of wedding photography 2017