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1940's wedding in London
London Wedding Photographer

Inspired by a love for the Art Deco period and the lifestyle publication ‘Cereal’ magazine, Winnie and David wanted a day that reflected their love for the 1940’s with a modern twist.

Winnie is an architect, so the aesthetics of the location and building were extremely important to her. Everything took place at the spectacular Eltham Palace in London, although you’d think you were deep in the English countryside given how peaceful and relaxing it all feels. Not only is Winnie an amazing architect, she’s also an impressive fashion designer and turned her hand at making her own wedding dress which was so incredibly crafted.

Incorporating some influences from her homeland of Hong Kong, they held an English ceremony along with a traditional Asian tea ceremony, as the wonderful light beamed through the domed roof of the palace. From there they moved outside to spend time in the palace gardens, exchanging laughs and hugs with everyone who was there.

Despite living in the city it’s extremely rare I actually get to work as a London wedding photographer, but if this day is anything to go by, I look forward to experiencing more weddings closer to home and returning to Eltham Palace in the near future.

VENUE    Eltham pALACE
Location    London
Celebrant    Rosalie Kuyvenhoven



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