Think of an emotion. Chances are it was experienced at this wedding. Never have I captured a wedding full of so much energy, good spirit and love. Oh and tears, can’t forget the tears.

As soon as I met up with Iago and Lucy a month or so before the wedding and they took me through the plans for the day , I knew it would be a special occasion to be a part of. Lucy is an incredible artist and Iago is the coolest computer programming geek around – together they hand selected every detail that went into the day, meaning a true personal stamp was put on the event.

This was more than a day of details though, you could tell just how much their families meant to both of them – highlighted through the speeches both during the reception and the ceremony, where Iago’s uncle, who is a priest by profession, was asked to conduct a special reading . Despite living in London, Iago and Lucy both decided to have the wedding in Somerset, as this is where most of Lucy’s family is based. Iago’s family are from the Basque country in Spain and he grew up in various places in the world; Mexico and Sweden to name a couple. Naturally he picked up friends along the way and so many of them made the journey to be there for the wedding. For the majority of the people at the wedding, it was the first time they would meet the other side of the family, but if you were there you wouldn’t have noticed. It was like they’d known each other for years. Now together. Unified. One big family.

Thanks for having me, guys. Now, on with the show.


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