That’s the best word to describe how I found myself shooting Rich and Claire’s wedding in Bath.

I wasn’t originally going to be the Photographer for their movie inspired day, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity when an e-mail from Claire headed my way:

“The ceremony will be in a cinema.” My eyes lit up.
She continued “… it’s on 4th May. But no, it won’t be Star Wars themed. Although we did make a Star Wars inspired Save the Date video.” My eyes now burning brightly – I had a hunch this would be an incredible day to capture.

I wasn’t wrong.

Rich works for the BBC, and Claire is a graphic designer – together they were a bottomless pit of creative ideas when it came to planning the wedding – I could be here forever telling you about it, but the photos will do it more justice. Claire designed a lot of the wedding details herself – including the personalised movie posters that featured outside the cinema. Along with Rich, his friends and work colleagues, they also made a short film that played on the big screen before Claire walked down the aisle.

Rich looked effortlessly cool in his suit, and Claire looked stunning in her Jennie Packham dress. There were so many unique touches that all added to the occasion, but it would have counted for nothing if it wasn’t for their love for each other and amazing family and friends there to share it with them – things they weren’t in short supply of.

A shout out to The Ten Pound Suit band, who’s energy and performance kept the unbelievable atmosphere stoked long into the night. By far the best wedding band I’ve seen, and heard.

It’s strange how things work out; a day I could have so easily not been a part of, but feel so privileged that I was. Massive thanks to Rich and Claire for making that happen, inviting me to share my vision of it all and making me feel so welcome. You guys rock!




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