A drizzly day in East London doesn’t sound like it would make much of a story, but on this occasion it truly does. Never has a wedding been made or broken by sun, wind or rain – ask me what makes a great wedding and my reply will always be the same. The people.

And that’s where Ben and Camilla come into it. Two of the most ¬†talented, strong and humble people you are ever likely to meet. Add their families and friends to the mix and this day was all setup to be a special one.

The ceremony was short, but the vows exchanged were so heartfelt and genuine all that needed to be said, was said. The speeches so moving, every word felt by all in the room – dry eyes were few and far between. To highlight the support this couple had from their loved ones, every time Ben got choked up in his speech, friends rallied together through cheers and applause to pull him through. Spine shivergly touching.

I’ve been over this wedding time and time again. It’s hard not to get attached when people let you into their lives so openly and treat you like one of their guests – for that I will always be grateful and the reason this day will stay fresh in the memory for a long time to come.






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