About Me


I grew up in a sleepy, countryside village doing things kids in sleepy, countryside villages do – climbing trees, making dens, getting lost in cornfields. That sort of thing. Although my tree climbing days are long behind me, I still love nothing more than a good adventure. And that’s how I view each wedding.

Documenting weddings both far and close to home and meeting new people along the way is what keeps me going. To me love and marriage has always been a really big deal; so when you come together to celebrate this, I think it’s important you have something of meaning and value to hold onto once the day is over.

It still amazes me how a group of photographs can tell such an incredible story. And that’s why weddings are so great. Behind every wedding day is a story, a story full of emotion, and each couple has a unique way of telling it – from the guests right down to the smallest of details, they all play their part. I record everything as it unfolds, right through the day. Your day. I’ll just put my own voice on it. A wedding is not confined to the ceremony, speeches and the first dance. It’s much more than that. It’s a whole day of celebration, full of events, shared with the people closest to you. It’s a chance to let your personality shine too, and I’m all for that. Nothing forced, nothing staged, nothing that isn’t you, being you; because it doesn’t need to be that way. When you’re around people you love, special moments happen naturally and without intervention. And that’s the way I intend to capture it.

Love is spontaneous. Love is beautiful. Love is real. I want my photography to reflect this.


Here’s a list of the places I’m currently heading to in 2016, for weddings and personal trips. If the location of your wedding is not on the list or the dates don’t quite match up, please do not be put off getting in touch. I’m only a short journey away – places can be added, trips extended and diversions made. I’d just be honoured to join you in documenting your celebrations.

 Copenhagen, Denmark

30th Dec – 2nd Jan 2016

 Gothenburg, Sweden

9th – 13th Feb

Oslo, Norway

10th – 12th Mar

Lofoten Islands

13th – 15th Mar

Glencoe, Scotland

3rd – 6th April

Berlin, Germany

7th – 9th May

Ibiza, Balearic Islands

11th – 14th Jun

County Clare, Ireland

20-23rd Jun

Marseilles, France

End of August

Volterra, Italy

22nd – 26th September

Faroe Islands

10 – 14th Oct

South Coast, Iceland

8 – 10th Nov